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Nitrile Gloves for Europe

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Since 2009, providing Europe with the highest quality nitrile and latex gloves at competitive prices.

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Serving Europe with Quality Nitrile Gloves Since 2009: Aldena’s Price Promise

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Exclusive Deals and Unbeatable Prices

Unlock exclusive deals and unbeatable prices by sending us your request for an offer today! Join our network of resellers and high-volume customers to maximize your savings and profit potential.

Product Range

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Nitrile gloves provide durable, puncture-resistant protection for a wide range of applications, ensuring hygiene and safety.


Latex gloves offer exceptional comfort and flexibility, perfect for medical procedures and cleaning tasks.


From headgear to footwear, our disposable PPE products are crafted for effective defense against pathogens, chemicals, and physical hazards.

Empower Your Sales with Aldena's Reseller Program

Gain access to exclusive reseller benefits and competitive wholesale pricing. Stock your business with Aldena and watch your sales soar.

Our Diverse Clientele

The spectrum of our customers is as varied as their needs. We are proud partners in protection for medical institutions such as hospitals, clinics, and health centers, safeguarding the hands that heal. In the realm of industry, from food processing factories to cutting-edge manufacturing units, we ensure that safety is never compromised.

To the Distributors and Resellers

Leading Europe’s Nitrile Glove Market with Value since 2009

Our network is strengthened by distributors and resellers in Europe who share our vision of affordable safety. They help us weave a web of protection that spans across borders, making our products accessible to all.

For Every Professional in Europe

A Decade of Trust, Quality, and Affordable Nitrile Gloves in Europe

Every glove we sell is a pledge of safety to the end-users who trust us with their needs. Doctors, dentists, hairdressers, chefs, hoteliers, mechanics – they all find a protective ally in Aldena. Because no matter the profession, the safety of one’s hands is paramount.

About Us

Catering to Europe’s Safety Needs

Nestled in the heart of Bulgaria, in the historic city of Plovdiv, Aldena began its journey in 2009. Our mission was simple yet ambitious: to supply the finest nitrile gloves, latex gloves, and disposable personal protective equipment (PPE) across Europe at prices that speak value.

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